Terms and Conditions

Please review your invoice to make sure all components, including the dates, names etc. are correct prior to adding payment. (All names must match documentation as appears on your valid government issued Passport ID. It is the traveler’s responsibility to provide proper documentation.) Also be advised a VALID PASSPORT IS REQUIRED for U.S. Citizens to re-enter the country from the Caribbean & Mexico. U.S citizens traveling into the United States from the Caribbean must have a valid U.S. passport (some destinations require your passport not expire for 6-12 months before your return. Ask your agent for more details). Unless noted, Insurance is not included in your package and is additional at $119.99 per person on most vacations booked to the Caribbean or Mexico. For these vacations, insurance allows cancellation for any reason until 24 hours prior to departure and without it, your package is 100% non-refundable and all payments (including deposit) are kept by the airline and/or resort. You must purchase insurance at time of deposit so please advise your Vacation Specialist if you would like to add it to your package. We highly recommend purchasing vacation protection in the event something unforeseeable keeps you from traveling. Examples would be, but not limited to, a medical emergency, death or illness of a family member, change or loss of job, terrorist attack, airline strike, disease outbreak, blizzard, hurricane, earthquake or other acts of God that would prevent you from arriving at your destination. If your flight is cancelled and your airline can not protect you on another flight, your hotel WILL NOT refund your money unless you have purchased insurance. In most cases changes can be made to the date you are traveling but most airlines will charge a minimum change fee of $200 per person which can be avoided if you purchase insurance. You would then have the option to cancel the package, rebook your new dates and transfers the funds paid to the new booking.

Vacations To Remember can not be held liable for cancelled or delayed flights, denied boarding due to insufficient documentation, lost luggage or anything preventing you from traveling on this getaway. Please ask your agent or check the website for your resort regarding dress code, travel distance from the airport to your resort, amenities offered, etc. We would be happy to answer any questions you have prior to your departure, however we can not be responsible for issues that arise during travel. Also check with your airline before departure regarding seat assignments, baggage fees (some airlines are now charging a fee to pre-assign seats and check a bag), carry on restrictions and flight delays.

Our job as your vacation planner is to help you decide on a destination, pick the resort best suited for you based on the information we are given and obtain the best price possible at NO CHARGE TO YOU. Our services to you are free. We are always available to answer questions and support you if something goes wrong after departure but we have no control over your airline's scheduling (delays or cancellations) or what room your resort assigns to you. We are also not responsible for restaurant closings, illness or injury incurred while traveling, limited activities due to season or amenities misrepresented by your hotel. If you have a problem with your resort once you arrive that can not be rectified with management, you may contact our "in destination" support staff whose local phone number is located on your E-travel document (that you will receive as tickets once your trip is paid in full). They can support you in negotiations with the resort or with changing hotels if you are dissatisfied. There is a cost involved if you are unhappy with your hotel and chose to move to another. Vacations To Remember will not reimburse clients for international phone calls made to our office since we do have local reps in every destination to serve you.

Your agreement with these terms & conditions is accepted once you make your first deposit to Vacations To Remember. Please read this document carefully and advise us immediately of any misspellings, date errors or other issues you may find incorrect on this invoice. Please note that if you find a lower package price prior to paying your deposit, please let us know and we will do our best to match that price. If you find a lower price AFTER making payment, we can not refund or reduce your vacation package and our quote as listed above stands as agreed upon. Thank you for booking with us and we truly hope this vacation is one you will remember for a lifetime!