Let us help make your next vacation one to remember! Whether you’re planning a honeymoon, anniversary trip or a family vacation, Vacations to Remember is here to help! With over 20 years experience in planning trips all over the world, Julie and her team do what it takes to make sure your trip is planned perfectly.

The best part? you don’t pay for our service!

You heard that right! Unlike other agencies, Vacations to Remember does not charge any additional fees to use us to book your vacation. 100% of what you pay goes towards your vacation! We believe your hard earned money should go towards your experience. That’s why we don’t charge a booking fee!



A honeymoon is different than any other trip you will take. It will be your first trip together as husband and wife and it may be the most romantic vacation you’ll ever take. Without question, you will both want everything to go perfectly.

Sandals Resorts

White sand, clear blue water and top notch service, 24/7, what more could you want? The Sandals and Beach Resorts offer guests an experience like no other. Whether you are booking a vacation, anniversary or honeymoon, Sandals has something for everyone!


Since the Disney company opened Walt Disney World in Florida in 1971, it has become the single largest theme park attraction in the world. Tens of millions of people vacation there each year, drawn to a large array of rides and attractions. Disney World offers several unique attributes that set it apart from other vacation destinations, particularly other theme parks.



Why are cruises the best? There’s really no better time than now to take a cruise as it truly is one of the best vacation values for your dollar. Explore new beaches, indulge in 5 star dinners and enjoy activities and shows right on the ship!


Europe and beyond

Globetrotting is fun. Research – not so much. With Vacations To Remember, we take on the endless hours of organizing and scheduling so you can see the sights, experience new cultures, and dance to new rhythms.

I was referred to vacations to remember as I was planning my wedding in 2008 and I was thoroughly impressed. Vacations to remember has an extremely knowledgeable staff that is accommodating to the nuances of group travel, particularly weddings and honeymoons. My wedding-moon was amazing. Since 2009, my annual vacations have been planned and enjoyed thanks to Vacations to Remember!
— Diamond Vann-Scott

Caribbean and Mexico

Mexico and the Caribbean offer way more than spectacular ocean views. While paradise may be waiting around every turn, so are great deals on our tropical vacations. From the gorgeous beaches of Antigua to the laid back vibes of Jamaica, we certainly knows a thing or two about these amazing islands!