Since the Disney company opened Walt Disney World in Florida in 1971, it has become the single largest theme park attraction in the world. Tens of millions of people vacation there each year, drawn to a large array of rides and attractions. Disney World offers several unique attributes that set it apart from other vacation destinations, particularly other theme parks.

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Although very successful, Disneyland in California found itself victimized by limited space soon after it opened; hotels and similar outside businesses sprang up around its border, hemming it in and cutting off available land. Disney World was built with that consideration in mind and as such contains much more room (with more attractions) than Disneyland. It features four complete theme parks on its grounds, as well as five golf courses, two shopping districts, a pair of water parks, a rustic campground and a sports center; 24 official hotels cater to visitors. Someone could spend a week within Walt Disney World's confines and never do the same thing twice.


Disney World refers to its employees as “cast members,” and their work shift as being “on stage.” Everything is geared toward making visitors happy, with an emphasis on professionalism and helpfulness. In simplest terms, Disney doesn’t hire surly teenagers. Everyone at the park is well-groomed, energetic and devoted to giving visitors a good experience. All of them are knowledgeable about the resort and its environs and trained to answer questions quickly and efficiently.


Walt Disney envisioned the Disney parks as an eternally evolving environment, with new rides and events being added as old ones are retired. This attitude extends to the shows and events at Walt Disney World as well. The parks routinely adopt holiday decorations for Christmas and Halloween, with attendant shifts in the parades and attractions. Fireworks displays evolve into new forms, and shows such as the Main Street Electrical Parade and the World of Color are revamped and re-introduced every year. The results ensure that every visit to Disney World is a new one.


While Disney World caters to children and families, it also provides numerous enticements to adult visitors. This includes its golf courses that offer lessons and rentals as well as the Wide World of Sports complex, which routinely hosts sporting events of all varieties. Epcot, the second of Disney World’s four theme parks, contains international pavilions with an emphasis on the culture and history of foreign nations; it hosts an International Flower and Garden Festival every spring and an International Food and Wine festival every fall. Grown-ups with an interest in shopping can visit the Downtown Disney district, which contains numerous stores and boutiques.


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